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Lotus 51a Chassis # 51A/FF/119

Resurrected after 26? years parked in a garage in Colorado after a crash in it`s last race (1978).  Had an extra fuel tank installed on the upper frame tubes above the driver`s legs for endurance races.

Chassis # 119
Frame # 129
Formula Ford Spec, most recent iteration built by Charlie Williams
Gearbox   Hewland  Mk8

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Sold to Lotus Southwest (Texas) in July of 1968.  Original color BRG, was yellow when purchased by Mike Gorham in 1975. Mike raced the car for years at "Pueblo Motorsports Park - a very fast 2.7 mile course at Pueblo CO. - and the track at Aspen CO. -  a 1.2 mile 9 turn character builder (narrow, runoff areas full of boulders, cramped and primitive pit area, and intensely beautiful during the September races)."  Around 1980 the car was parked as it was time to raise a family.

2003, car purchased by FFR.  Mike lovingly kept the car on a trailer in a one-car detached garage whose door had been unopened for so long a 5" trunk diameter tree had to be cut down to allow opening.  Car still had a cortina motor and carb, plus the original Renault gearbox, 731 crank with round main caps.  Car went through a ground up restoration starting in 2006, then about half dozen races to debug and get fully race prepped.

Restoration page (bit old now)


Chassis - muliti round and square tube brazed, water and oil coolant go to front thru chassis tubes, extended roll bar added on.  Weight 100lbs

- (below is original engine - now has good rods and Ivey crank)
               Ford OHV 1600cc cross flow. 110 HP in my dreams, block #8A11LC119A
                Originally a 731 Crank with round main caps and wet sump!
Gearbox - (now a hewland)Renault R8 Type 330 4 speed, left hand shift, s/n 3542501
                  Lotus custom bell houseing and side bearing carriers
                  front seal - federal-mogul 30x40x7 part # 7 24956 08588 0
                  side output bearings - SKF 6207 2RSJEM (on bearing 6207-2RS1/C3GJN)

Clutch - Pressure Plate standard Borg & Beck or AP for 7.5"  Disc
         Disc - 7.5"/190mm 10 spline 7/8"
         Slave  Girling/Lucas 0.88" rebuild kit SP2029
         3/4" Master Cylinder  Girling/Lucas rebuild # SP1967, NAPA UP278

Release Assembly -(this was for the renault setup) ford mainly, bearing may be anglia with a lotus bobbin on the front end (bottom of photo)
          exploded view - clutch would be on right.  Bearing carrier is from an anglia (left in photo, bobbin on right)
          dimensions of bearing only
          It is a "flat face" bearing used on lotus/ford units (7, elan, cortina)
          Originally a Pollard 6/W 1-3/8, or FKC 6/W 1-3/8
          Ford Part number 105E-7580-B, Timken 1375, SKF N3001,
               1-3/8 bore is what
that pollard part number means. for some reason this beqring is hard to source-
                one i found was a delphi/borg&beck unit made by FKC (japanese) with same pollard numbr on it, but dont know the
                borg and beck number.   Call JAE

Brakes - Outboard discs all around, dual master cylinder split circuit adjustable f/r ratio
    Front Caliper - Girling 14LF Girling/Lucas Rebuild # SP2697, NAPA # UP989, pistons 191013 1.89dia
    Rear Caliper -  Girling 10/8H Girling/Lucas Rebuild # SP2515, NAPA # n/a, piston dia 1.34
       for reference, some 51's have Girling 12SP calipers, rebuild kit SP2529

     front - 0.7" Master Cylinder  Girling/Lucas rebuild # SP2102
     rear - 5/8" Master Cylinder  Girling/Lucas rebuild # SP1963, NAPA UP275
            (oddly, NAPA rebuild kits dont come with a reservior cover seal but they do come with a new piston)

  Pads - EBC green stuff 2106 (made for the 14LF calipers, have to cut them up for the rears)

-  Front 13" dia., 4.4" wide, 3.75BC from Lotus Elan
                  Rear  13" dia., 5.4" wide, 4.25BC from Lotus Cortina

Steering  - Rack: TR10 Hearld or Spitfire with on center pinion

Uprights - TR front, lotus magnesium casting rear

Driveshaft u-joints NAPA part # spicer 54X
Cooling - original combined water radiator with lower 4 rows for oil cooling has been modified to be all for the water, with a seperate oil cooler installed in the back when needed.  fluids transfer to engine thru chassis tubes, 20lb weight.  Water pump 5/8" dia shaft

Gaskets & other parts
Head Set  MotorCraft 1602013 ,  EEM 190 D691M6014 AA
Front Seal & Timing Cover Gasket - TCS45075 (O'reiley) felpro
REar seal and rear cover gasket - BS16071 (O'reiley) felpro
Pan set (rubber ends) - OS30254C (O'reiley) felpro
distributor rotor (motorcraft) D154 o'reiley/EP51 NAPA
points A101V o'reiley
condenser G590 Oreiley
cartidge oil filter WIX 51184 or Crosland 440



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