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Based in Bryan Texas, the team was founded by Colvin Peter Fawcett, the cars maintained and driven by Andrew, Denise & David Fawcett in the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing ( CVAR ) club. They can be seen at vintage races held at Texas World Speedway-College Station, Hallet Motor Speedway-OK, and Eagles Canyon Raceway-Denton.
Keeping the Lotus Legend Alive
1970 Seven S4
1967 Europa S1
1969 Elan Plus 2
1967 51 FF
1966 Cortina
Yellow Brick of Texas
engine: 1588cc Weber twin cam, custom cams 
chassis: lowered, stiffened, and slightly streamlined
engine: 1600cc Renault high compression, dry sump, weber, custom cam
chassis: full cage, rear disc brakes with upper link, alladjustable suspension
engine: 1588cc Weber head twin cam

chassis: Lotus backbone under stressed fiberglass with integral cage
engine: 1600 Spec Formula Ford

chassis: s/n 119  tube frame
Next Race: Feb 24-26, 2017
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Cortina Details
engine: 1588cc Weber Head twin cam

chassis: a Steel Lotus
1969 61Mx FF
engine: 1600 Spec Formula Ford

chassis: s/n 136 tube frame
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